DIY Concrete plant

DIY Concrete plant

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Concrete planters are all over Instagram and in boutique homeware stores. Today we’re going to show how easy it is to make these yourself at home.

Add a burst of colour to your desk or kitchen window with a DIY concrete planter



  1. One cup cement
  2. Once cup sand
  3. Quarter cup water
  4. Bucket and stirrer
  5. Large and a small plastic bottles/containers (try a range of shapes and sizes to see what you like best)
  6. Paint to decorate (we used Haymes Evan’s Delight and Gold Dabs)
  7. Paint brush
  8. Succulent clippings


DIY concrete planter items will you need
DIY concrete planter items will you need


  1. Mix up the concrete using one cup cement, one cup sand and quarter cup water. Stir until you have a smooth consistency (like cake batter).
  2. Pour the concrete into the larger plastic mould (we used an old yoghurt container) and then tap the bottom of the container onto a hard surface until no more bubbles appear on the surface.
  3. Press the smaller plastic container into the concrete but not all the way to the bottom (we like to place it off centre to add interest). You may need to weigh the smaller container down with some pebbles to stop it rising out of the concrete.
  4. Wait 24 hours for the concrete to set. This is important! We got impatient and tried to take the moulds out early and they crumbled.
  5. Once the concrete has set hard, carefully tap it out of the mould.
  6. You can lightly sand or brush (with a dry paint brush) the pots to gently remove any imperfections.
  7. Paint or decorate the pot and then fill the hole with soil and plant your favourite succulent clipping.


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